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Bitchin' 60s Chicks, Man!

A Loving Tribute to the Women
Who Invaded the Collective Male Adolescent Fantasies
of an Entire Generation


Private Eyes




Honey Vicarro - Oh dear, what a handful. Make that two handfuls!

Gone but not forgotten in the realm of the sweaty-palmed boys of '66. She was condemned by the Catholic Church, but is still worshipped in the altars of our memories.





Christy Love - Saavy, sexy and smart.  Streetwise and sassy, she’s a bad mother—


But I’m talkin' about Christy! 

We can dig it!








Modesty Blaise - Look out, Mr. Bond. Modesty’s got more mojo, style and guts than a bushel of boy-spies!  Makes Flint look like lint—as in dust-bunnies, baby!





 Honey West - Here, kitty kitty kitty. POW!  Petite, sexy and tough, Honey’s got it and knows how to make it kick!  Pouty lips and a beauty-mark.  Swing-quotient: Off the charts!