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Bitchin' 60s Chicks, Man!

A Loving Tribute to the Women
Who Invaded the Collective Male Adolescent Fantasies
of an Entire Generation


Kittens and Cats and Bats (oh my!)




Ann-Margret - Kitten with a whip.  Actor, singer and professional vixen. She did The King, then turned him into her own personal scratching-post.  Yow!






The Catwomen - Sorry, Michelle, but you’re a scratch compared to these three slinky feline sex-pots.  Meeee-yow!



Pussy Galor - Ohhh, James.  So cool, she actually had her own, all-bitchin'-chick Flying Circus! 

Geronimo, baby!






Batgirl - Spandex never looked so good.  Got her kicks on her own tricked out motorbike.  Word is, she made a Man out of the Boy Wonder.  Biff!  Wham! POW!!!