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Bitchin' 60s Chicks, Man!

A Loving Tribute to the Women
Who Invaded the Collective Male Adolescent Fantasies
of an Entire Generation

Bitchin' 60s Links!

'60s Slang - Check it out! You too can speak fluent Dennis Hopper!

The Beatles - Yes, those Four Lads from Liverpool live on. I mean, two of them do... kinda.

Bob Masse Rock Posters - Turn on the black light and groove, baby, grooooove!

The Dover Souls - One hit wonders, but what a hit! Bonus points for dying tragically in a plane crash.

The Grateful Dead - Ridin' that train, high on... Rogaine?!!!

The Herman's Hermits - "No milk today, my baby's gone away." Was I the only one who thought that song was about lactation?

Honey Vicarro - So hot, it was banned by Pope Paul! One big luscious wardrobe malfunction!

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Wow, 21st Century web design meets mid 20th Century pop!

Summer of Love - Anybody up for a Love-In?  Color me there!

Timewarp Toys - Those other things we played with!

Welcome to the '60s - A fun trip down memory lane.  And this is one smoooooth ride, baby!

Wes Clark's Avacado Memories - Holy cow, Wes's Mom has avacado appliances and orange carpet in the den just like mine?  Coincidence?  I think not!

Woodstock '69 - so that's what they were doing backstage.  Interesting...