Bitchin' 60s Chicks, Man!

A Loving Tribute to the Women
Who Invaded the Collective Male Adolescent Fantasies
of an Entire Generation


You know who they are...

Those women in mascara and false eyelashes, teased hair and white lipstick, miniskirts and cat-suits and hot-pants, bras that could put an eye out. They smell of Chanel #5 and taste of Max Factor. 

They're Bitchin' 60s Chicks, Man!

This site is dedicated to them, and the boys who were obsessed with them. Who can forget begging, borrowing or stealing that Playboy every November when they'd do their annual retrospective of "Sex in the Cinema," featuring precious, pre-TIVO stills of our favorite bitchin' chicks in the buff?

Comfortable in their own skins, beautiful and they know it, they weren't afraid of being sexed up, living, breathing works of art. They lived on silver screens and glossy magazines.  Unobtainable, their eyes challenged us.  "Dare to dominate me."

But only in our dreams...